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TourMind, established in 2014, is an artificial intelligence global hotel distributor. The company's research and development team has developed a professional and advanced hotel search engine,, aimed at providing the fastest and most convenient hotel booking and travel advisory services for clients in the Asian market. TourMind collaborates with over 32,000 high-quality clients worldwide, covering more than 3,000 cities and destinations, offering over 800,000 hotel room listings. As an artificial intelligence hotel distributor, TourMind utilizes AI and machine learning to optimize hotel room distribution and management, including targeted marketing, real-time inventory management, automated channel management, advanced forecasting, and customer insights. TourMind provides seamless integration with existing systems and chatbot support to enhance efficiency and customer experience. This innovative technology-driven platform helps hotel operators maximize revenue, simplify operations, enhance customer satisfaction, and pave the way for a more efficient and profitable hotel industry.

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TourMind is constantly pursuing the goal of technological revolution

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Integrated LLM

TourMind is an AI-powered chatbot integrated with a natural language model based on OpenAI, similar to ChatGPT, designed for hotel solutions. It offers real-time customer support for businesses and travelers, assisting with personalized booking inquiries.

Personalized Recommendations

TourMind, an AI-driven hotel distribution platform, creates personalized hotel product recommendations based on user data and preferences. This helps hotels attract their target audience more effectively and increase direct bookings, while users also benefit from discounted offers provided by hotels.

Advanced Forecasting

Using artificial intelligence algorithms, TourMind can forecast users' demand patterns ahead of time by analyzing their historical data. This enables TourMind to recommend the best pricing strategies and inventory allocation methods for users in future periods.

Real-time Inventory

TourMind continuously monitors hotel room inventory for users and updates inventory across all supplier channels in real-time. This ensures that users always receive the optimal allocation of hotel inventory and reduces the risk of users overbooking.

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